Tape is a work-for-hire game development studio

We're an independent young company made up of industry veterans, averaging a decade of experience in the mobile gaming space.

We use the Unity game engine and our proprietary rule-based SSR System to deliver lightning-fast prototypes and vertical slices.

In soft-launch, we iterate on gameplay, economy and monetization parameters with speed & precision using our HotUpdate system.

Work with Tape


Tape is

Radu Paraschivescu


Hands-on game designer, writer and creative director, with 9+ years of experience in the F2P sector and a focus on quick prototyping, systems design and UX. Radu also has extensive experience managing teams as design lead and product owner. Since 2016, he's been teaching Game Design at the SAE Institute in Vienna.

Tudor Jude


Going on 8 years of programming experience in mobile game development, Tudor is a very versatile developer and tech lead. He's worked on genres ranging from tower defense, to multiplayer racing games. Today, Tudor is proficient in all stages of the development cycle, from pre-production through to live-ops.

Andrei Ellman


Andrei has been a professional games programmer since the 90s. During this time, he's done everything from close-to-the-metal engine work, through building tools and plugins, to gameplay programming and scripting. His games have been on every platform, mobile to VR. He's an all-rounder and a tinkerer at heart. Ask him about Chickens!



Toy Planet Trouble

In late 2019, we were contracted by Fortech to make a financial education game for children. We built a vertical slice in 3 months, which was very well received, leading to further development. The game launched in 2021 and we’re proud to have brought it to life!